3 Maintenance Steps For A Lasting Roof

With all the daily hassle and bustle, it is easy to forget about one of the most vital safeguards to your home's interior space: the roof. Keeping your roofline top of mind is essential to preventing permanent damage to the structure and keeping your indoor spaces dry and comfy. By scheduling roof maintenance at least twice yearly, you can prolong the life of your roof and prevent those annoying leaks and clogged gutters. Here is a look at simple roof maintenance steps you can take to keep your entire roof in great shape.

Trim tree branches and remove debris

Trees may be great for beautifying your outdoor space, but be on the lookout for bothersome branches that could reach your roof and gouge/puncture shingles or damage the gutters. Trimming off leaning branches that get too close to the roof would prevent this problem and also keeping out small twigs and leaves from the roof surface. Such clutter could harbor pests on your roof and even clog your gutters.

Cleaning your roof at least twice a year can also help remove debris that could paralyze the roof's drainage system, causing water to backup into your attic and living spaces. When cleaning your roof, be sure to check for sagging gutters and have them secured to avoid rainwater from draining near your foundation.

Safeguard against mold

Areas of the roof that are exposed to humid wind and shade for long periods of the day can easily get streaked with mold, causing your once bright and aesthetic shingles to darken and rot.

Installing zinc strips across the roof can help cut the mold situation for a long period. These strips are quite effective at killing off mold, fungus and algae, which helps prevent the deterioration of shingles.

Improve the insulation

A roof needs to properly breathe so as to dispose heat and moisture that would otherwise cause the shingles to fold and crack or the sheathing and rafting to rot. In order to improve air flow through your roof, you need to ensure the insulation is intact.

Your roofer can inspect your roof to ensure there are enough open, vented spaces between the roof sheathing and the insulation to allow for good ventilation. The roofer can also add a vapor retarder on the ceiling to trap indoor moisture rising to the attic. It would also be beneficial to have an extra layer of insulation added to the attic floor to help repel heat and moisture. Contact a local company like Pyramid Roofing Inc or another location for more help and information.