Benefits Of A Steel Roof Overlay

When you are replacing a roof, there are two options: you can either rip up and completely replace the roof in its entirety, or you can overlay the new roof over the old roof at a lower cost. Most of the time, replacement roofs are done with the same material as the previous roof. However, there is a unique set of benefits that come with overlaying a steel roof over an asphalt roof. Understanding what a steel roof overlay has to offer can help you decide if it is the right fit for your home.

Noise Reduction

One of the main drawbacks associated with a standard metal roof is the noise that it creates if it rains or snows. This can be quite disruptive, and can even wake you up in the middle of the night. By installing a steel roof over an already existing asphalt roof, there is another layer that can reduce the amount of noise created by things hitting the roof.

Increased Protection

The additional layer of asphalt underneath the steel roof acts as a second barrier to the interior of your home. This means that even if holes develop in the steel roof, water will not be able to leak into your home, where it can cause significant water damage and promote mold growth. This gives you time to find and repair leaks as they develop without having to worry about fixing interior damage at the same time.


Steel roof overlays are installed with a small gap between the steel roof and the asphalt shingles underneath. Small holes are drilled into the asphalt roof, which allows air to be pulled through the vents in your eaves at a greater rate. This increased rate of ventilation reduces the amount of moisture that can build up in your attic, and helps prevent pockets of hot air forming under your roof, which can be a major cause of ice dams in the winter.

Improved Insulation

Two layers are better than one, especially when it comes to trapping temperature. Having an additional steel layer on top of an existing asphalt roof provides a higher insulative value to your roof. This means that hot air will not be able to escape your home very well in the winter, which can help make it easier to regulate your interior temperature and spend less money on your heating bills over the long run.

To find out if a metal overlay is right for your roof, contact a roofing contractor today.