Three Ways You Can Inspect Roof Damage And Stay Safe On The Ground

With freak storms and unusual weather, your roof may take a toll. If other roofs in your area have been damaged, it is possible that your roof has been damaged. You will want to inspect this damage to ensure you do not need any repairs, but you will also want to be safe. You may just want to inspect an old roof. To ensure you stay safe while inspecting your roof, it is best to keep your feet on the ground and not climb on the roof. Here are some ways you can take a closer look at your roof without risking your life:

1. Doing A Visual Inspection From The Ground First

For serious roof damage, you may be able to spot it from the ground with just your naked eye. Look at your roof and look for signs of damage. This can be obvious clues, such as missing shingles or materials that are out of place. If you notice some of the obvious problems, you can contact a roofer to come and inspect the damage and do the repairs that you need done to your roofing.

2. Use Binoculars To Get A Closer Look At Roofing

Sometimes, the damage on your roof may not be so obvious, or hard to see from the ground. If you want to get a closer look, use binoculars to inspect your roof. This can give you a way to spot problems with things like pitting from hail damage. You can also use it to spot wear on your shingles, such as granules wearing off, which may be a sign that you are ready for a roof replacement.

3. Use A Drone To Inspect High, Out Of Reach Roofs

Today, there are many small drones that have cameras on them. They are affordable and have practical uses, such as inspecting damage on your roof. There are even some roofing services that have started using them to inspect damage on a roof. If you have a drone or your children have one with a camera, you may want to use it to inspect the high, out of reach places on your roof. You can also save the video and still photos to save for your records and insurance claims that you may need to file.

These are some ways you can take a closer look at your roof and spot roof damage without getting on it. If you think your roof has damage, contact a professional roofing company to have them take a closer look and tell you what repairs you need.