How To Decide Whether To Remove Or Roof Over Shingles

The old shingles on your roof can either be removed or stay in place when you are re-roofing your home. Obviously, roofing over the shingles is going to be more time efficient and cost friendly. A re-roofing project may need to be done when your roof is suffering from some severe damage that cannot easily be repaired. In order to avoid leaks and other issues, you will want to re-roof your home. Here's how to decide whether or not you should remove or roof over the existing shingles when you are doing this:

Weight Problems:

If you are going to have a layer of three shingles on top of one another, there is the issue of creating too much weight on the roof. This can easily lead to cave ins, which can seriously damage your home and even lead to a fatal accident. If you have re-roofed over existing shingles in the past or the previous homeowner did that before you moved in, then you are going to want to remove the shingles before re-roofing. 

Aesthetic Problems:

If the existing shingles are currently bumpy and unappealing on your roof because it is not leaving a flat surface, this may not be corrected unless you remove the existing shingles before re-roofing. However, in some cases, you can fix it if you have a minimal amount of bumpy areas. Any loose nails or bumpy shingles can be hammered down to lay flat again. This way, when you re-roof over the existing shingles, you won't have to worry about the new shingles not laying flat on the surface. You may want to replace the shingles though if this is a problem that is too large to repair quickly. 

Timing Problems:

Of course, keeping the existing shingles in place before you re-roof your home is the best way to save time because you won't have to strip the roof completely before getting started. However, this is typically only the case if you are re-roofing the roof on your own. If you hire professionals, they can easily remove the existing shingles and start on the re-roofing process in the same day. This may cost more, but you will be left with a more aesthetically pleasing roof in the end. 

By knowing some of the problems to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not to remove or roof over existing shingles, you can come to the best decision possible based on your roof's current condition. If you need professional assistance, contact companies like Homestreet Roofing Inc.