Getting New Shingles? That’s Not All You Need

If you know it's time to put a new roof on your home and you're having the company come to replace the shingles, that may not be the only service you want them to do. There are actually some other things that may be needed to help protect the roof, and to make sure that you're protecting your upgrade investment.

Since the professional are already going to be on your property to do the shingle installation, ask the roofing contractor if you should get new roofing insulation, gutters, and if the chimney could be a potential problem. These could cause problems later on.  

New Roofing Insulation

New roofing insulation is only going to help your new roof be as efficient as possible, and it can prevent a variety of other damages as well. Ask the roofing contractor if spray polyurethane foam insulation is an option. This insulation will shield out moisture and wind, prevent condensation from forming on the wood interior of the roof, help stop air loss out of the home and act as a sound barrier.

Add Seamless Gutters

Did gutters tearing away from the house and getting heavy do damage to your existing roof? Consider putting new seamless gutters on the roof while the roofing professionals already have the roofing shingles torn off. This makes it easy for them to nail the gutters down. Ask about gutters that don't have seams so there aren't sticks and debris getting jammed and causing leaks in seams, and get gutters that have screens.

Chimney Inspection

You don't want to put a new roof on the house to find out that there is damage to the chimney, and that caused problems for your new roof. Have the chimney inspected for water leakage and potential fire or ventilation concerns, to make sure that the chimney won't cause future problems to the new shingles.

Repairing damages and replacing items that could be faulty before you have a leak or disaster on your hands is going to save money, and you'll know that is your roof is in great condition after the new shingles are put on. If there is a ventilation problem with the roof or the contactor has any other concerns, you should ask about a new attic fan or gable at the time of installation as well. Thinking ahead is going only going to save you money and headaches later on.