How To Choose Your Business’s Roof Color

The color of your business's roof should be determined both by functional benefits of a particular color and also by aesthetics. The process of choosing the right color can be time consuming, but if you take these factors into consideration, you will improve the profitability of your business.

Consider The Impact Of The Roof Color On Your Brand

First, think about the needs of your business. Is there a specific color that is associated with your brand? Any branding benefits of a specific color will override other considerations such as aesthetics or energy savings. Consider the image you would like to project. If your customers are very stylish, you may want to make sure that your building is aesthetically pleasing. But if your customers aren't normally concerned with this, consider a color that will make your building stand out from nearby establishments.

Coordinate Your Roof Color With Permanent Structural Elements

Select a roof color that will fit with the permanent structural elements of your property. For instance, you do not necessarily have to coordinate your roof with portions of your building that can be easily painted because you can simply repaint these structures to match your roof. If your building has bricks or stone incorporated into it, color your roof to match the color of the bricks. Dark gray and black coordinate well with a medium gray or blue element. White goes together well with black or gray. Green, yellow and red buildings match well with brown, gray or black shingles.

Compare A Future Paint To Your Roof Single Option

If you plan on painting the exterior of your business a specific color, compare the paint to the roof shingles you are considering. This can give you a sense of what your shingles will look like when they are all brought together.

Consider Energy Costs

The color of your roof can have a large impact on the temperature of your building. Lighter shingles reflect light, helping to keep your building cooler. Darker shingles more often absorb light and increase the temperature of your building, which could lead to higher operating costs.

Factor In The Aesthetic Effects Of A Dirty Roof

Darker roof colors can conceal dirt. The lighter the color of the roof, the more that dirt, dust and debris will stand out. Of course, cleaning the roof regularly is recommended, but you may not be able to keep the roof completely clean, especially in autumn when there are many falling leaves.

Consult with a company like Central States Roofing about what color might be best for your business's roof.