3 Things That Could End Up Destroying Your Roof

Your home is made up of a number of different components. Each of those components comes together to provide you with a safe and habitable living environment. While many homeowners remember to address problems with their furnace, water heater, appliances and other components, they often overlook such things as the roof. That is, until something goes wrong and water starts leaking inside of the home. Take a look at three things that could destroy your roof without your realizing it.


While not everyone has to deal with ice, those who do could wind up with major roof damage because of it. When the temperatures outside drop to the point where ice and snow forms, it can create problems. The ice will end up freezing all along the eaves and cause a backup of snow to form. All of the thawing and freezing will end up causing the shingles to lift up, paving the way for the melting snow and ice to leak inside of your home. This is a recipe for disaster.


Shingles are coated with a protective coating that helps them last for quite some time. When the hail beats down on the shingles, that protective coating is chipped away, leaving a bunch of bare spots in its wake. Once that happens, your shingles are exposed for possible sun and moisture damage. If you are in an area that gets a lot of hail, you could end up shortening the overall lifespan of the roof. Make sure to inspect the roof after a major hail storm for missing shingles or bare spots.


The harsh rays of the sun will end up shortening your roof's overall life expectancy. Over the course of time, the shingles will end up drying out and cracking. There is a good possibility that the shingles will end up falling off your roof and leaving you with absolutely no protection up there. Not only does UV damage age the roof prematurely, but it is also a sign that you need to have a roofing professional come out and replace or repair the roof.

With so many different things that can destroy your roof, it is more important than ever that you have someone come out and take a look at your roof at least once per year to inspect for damage. This way you can get it taken care of right away before it turns into something major. Visit a site like http://www.empireroofingnm.com for more information on roofing maintenance and repair.