3 Maintenance Tips To Help Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Your roof is an important component of your home. It keeps the elements outside and the inhabitants inside nice and dry. Without it, everything inside of your home would be destroyed. Unfortunately, many people don't take the time to properly maintain their roofs. They end up waiting until something goes wrong before they act upon it. To prevent being stuck with a major repair bill, here are three things you can do to maintain your roof and keep it in top condition at all times.

Inspect your roof at least twice per year.

Even though you might not think you need to worry about it, spend time at least twice per year going around and inspecting your roof. Look for any missing, cracked or torn shingles. If anything is missing, the rain and snow can enter your home and ultimately destroy your attic and ceilings. Go around and inspect the entire roof thoroughly to see if anything is damaged. You might need to do this more often, especially after a major storm has gone through the area.

Seal any cracks on a regular basis.

Cracks can often form around the vent pipes, skylights and chimneys. If you notice any sign of cracking, chipping or peeling, you need to have it sealed off right away. A small crack could end up leaving a large gap in your roof that will ultimately ruin the insulation, shingles and drywall in your roof and ceiling. Spend some time going around and sealing off any holes, regardless of how small they might be.

Spend time cleaning your gutters.

During the fall, the trees end up shedding their leaves all over the place. Many of those leaves end up inside your gutters where they form a blockage that prevents the rain water from being able to drain down the gutters and out the downspout. If the water cannot drain away from your home, it will end up seeping back under the shingles and into your home. You need to go through and clean your gutters out a couple times every year, if not more. This is especially important in the fall.

By doing the three things above, you can help save yourself a lot of hassles and added repairs to your roof. You can always call on a roofing professional in your area like Davis Bros Roofing to come in and inspect the roof for you.