Is A Living Roof A Good Idea For A Tiny Home?

Also known as a green roof, a living roof is one that incorporates plants and vegetation on part of or over the entire area. This type of roof offers a variety of benefits including acting as natural insulation, improving air and water quality, and providing a reliable source of food if you plant edible items. However, there are two important things you should consider before deciding to invest in this type of roof design.

Is Your Home Strong Enough?

One of the immediate issues you'll run into is weight. Rooftop gardens are heavy because of the weight of the soil, plants, waterproofing, drainage materials, and other elements that go into installing this type of roof. Extensive living roofs that support a small variety of plants can weigh between 28 to 30 pounds per square foot. Intensive living roofs that support a greater variety of plants can weigh up to 100 pounds per square foot. This is in addition to anything else you may put on your roof such as solar panels.

To hold the weight of the garden, you'll need to reinforce the frame of your tiny home and may need to incorporate additional supports inside the house, which may reduce the amount of interior space available to you.

Is Your Tiny Home Mobile?

While many tiny homes are placed on plots of land, some people build their houses on top of utility trailers so they can take the homes with them when they travel. While this is great for saving money on hotel rooms, it can be terrible for your living roof. Different plants need different types of environments to thrive. If you take a living roof designed to do well in warm climes and drive it up north to an area where it's consistently cold, the roof will probably die, and you'll have to invest time and money into replacing it.

The living roof may also prove to be somewhat inconvenient for you in your travels. You'll need to park in places where the plants can get adequate sunlight. If you travel to an area where there isn't a lot of rain or there are drought restrictions in place, it may be difficult to get the greenery the water it needs to stay alive.

Living roofs can be a great asset to your home. However, you need to carefully think about all the relevant aspects of this option to determine whether a living fits your lifestyle. For more information about living roofs, contact a roofing contractor like Specialty Commercial Contractors Llc