Smart Remodeling Projects For Your Bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom is an investment that can pay off in multiple ways. If you're not planning to sell your home, you'll simply be able to enjoy the bathroom more in the years ahead. If a future sale is on the horizon, you can often expect your bathroom remodel to help elevate the listing price on your home. There are a number of different upgrade projects for your bathroom that your local contractor can tackle. Working closely with him or her will ensure that you get the finished product that suits your budget and your taste. Here are some useful upgrades to consider.


It's nice for a bathroom to have a source of natural light, but not all bathrooms are located on the exterior wall of a home or have a window. Adding natural light to the room can help it feel larger, so think about hiring a contractor to install a skylight in the ceiling of a second-floor bathroom. Skylights are available in a wide range of styles, but the key value of this addition will be its ability to brighten the space. Many skylights can be opened, too, which is ideal whether you enjoy the idea of fresh air during a relaxing evening bath or you want to allow the moisture to escape the room after a hot shower.

Shower Doors

If your bathroom has a separate shower rather than a tub/shower combination, replacing the shower doors is a valuable remodeling project if they're old. Your contractor can tear out the 1980s-era shower doors made of thick plastic and featuring faux-etched privacy lines and replace them with sleek glass doors that sparkle and help the bathroom feel significantly larger — and also much more modern.

Recessed Lighting

The lighting in many peoples' bathrooms leaves a lot to be desired. For example, individual bulbs mounted horizontally above the top of the medicine cabinet may provide light to the room, but aren't doing so in a very aesthetically pleasing manner. A better project is to have recessed lighting installed. Because these lights are mounted in the ceiling and your contractor will have to run new wiring, you can have lights placed precisely where you've always wanted them. For example, if the bathroom is large and certain areas of it have always been shadowy — such as over the toilet, for example — a recessed light in this area, as well as above the sink, outside the shower, and so on, will help to transform the look of the space.