2 Colonial House Styles That Pair Well With Slate Roofing

Colonial architecture tends to favor symmetrical floor plans and decorative elements, which might include dormers and a roofed front porch. There are different styles of Colonial homes, and each has a personal style and associated roof type that can help you determine the best roof replacement or restoration material when working with roofing contractors.

Slate tile roofing carries one of the highest material costs in roofing. But the elegant natural stone also has an unusual combination of elegance, durability, and longevity. There are a couple of Colonial house styles that are well matched with slate roofing.

Georgian Colonial

Georgian Colonials have a tall, square build with decorative accents that include columns flanking the front door and a set of chimneys. The home has a moderate-pitch gable roof, which means the roof has two medium-sloping sides that rise to the peak. On a Georgian, the sides of the roof are typically on the front and back of the house so that one side faces the street for a highly visible roofing material.

Gable roofs don't always have sufficient bracing to hold up the heavy physical weight of slate tiles. But a moderate-pitched gable might have extra bracing already in place or have room for your roofing contractor to add the bracing. Using slate tiles will add some visual dimension to the roof and a touch of elegance to an otherwise Spartan house style.

If your Georgian home has masonry accents such as the front walkway, ask your roofing contractors to install the slate tiles in a brick pattern that reflects the masonry work. This small step can add so much more visual interest to the roof and tie your house together. 

French Colonial

French Colonial homes are mostly found in the South, and the design reflects its origins in the hot tropical temperatures in that region. The French Colonial features a lower and upper roofed porch that stretches across the entirety of the front of the house. The main roof has a raised, four-sided hip shape that creates a roof that is highly visible from the curb.

The French Colonial home has a plantation house look that pairs well with the elegance of slate. The hipped roof should have adequate bracing already in place to support the heavy material. Slate is also weather resistant, which comes in handy in hot humid weather that doesn't take a break for winter. Slate would serve much better in this type of climate than wood, which can suffer warping damage if left to the elements.

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