Three Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Metal Roof

One of the most popular materials for a roof is metal. Metal roofs are known for their resistance to fire, energy efficiency, and maximum wind resistance. Additionally, many homeowners will opt for a metal roof because of its long life expectancy. Many times, a metal roof can last over 50 years if the homeowner maintains it properly. Choosing to avoid and neglect the roof with no maintenance will encourage it to age much faster than it should. Installing a metal roof is a costly investment. On average, you can expect to pay around $7 to $10 per square foot for a metal shingle roof. In order to ensure your investment goes a long way, here are some ways to help prolong the life of your metal roof. 

Inspect Your Roof

While it is impossible to have a maintenance free roof, a metal roof is very durable and does not succumb to a lot of damage due to nature. Unfortunately, just like any type of roof, sometimes the wind and rains can hammer down on the roof so much that it starts to have problems. The only way to avoid major damage to your roof is to keep an eye on it. This means having your roof inspected often to ensure that it is holding up like it should. If you have a major storm and are concerned that your roof may not have taken it well, then you want to call in a roofing professional to check it out. 

Add a Strong Coating

Even though your metal roof is designed to undergo a lot of pressure, it is still a good idea to protect it. This can be done by adding a metal roof coating. You can add a special type of paint that will actually prolong the life of your roof. It can also help prevent sun damage and prevents the roof from rusting. This will also save you money from having to repair it at a later date. On top of all the other benefits, should you decide to change the color of the metal roof, you can do so by painting it with a metal coating. 

Determine the Best Slope

Oftentimes, the sloping of the roof can actually cause the roof to experience more damage. Rainwater should be able to run off the roof consistently. If the slope is not at the right peak, then the water can puddle up and weaken the roofing system. It can also cause it to rust quickly. By consulting a roofing professional like Amick Roofing Inc about the proper slope, you can ensure that water runoff doesn't pose a problem for you or your roof.