Metal Roofing Care Tips

A metal roof can be an excellent choice due to it being durable and affordable. However, new homeowners are often poorly prepared to care for this type of roof, and this can lead to major structural damages as well as serious cosmetic problems. You will need to use these simple care tips to keep your new home's metal roof safe from a few of the more routine sources of damage.  

Monitor The Roof Around Chimneys And Vents

Many individuals may not be aware that the portions of the roof that are close to chimneys and vents can be at a higher risk of suffering damage. This occurs due to chemicals, soot, and ash that may come out of these vents and land on the roof. In addition to discoloring the metal, these substances may also cause corrosion to develop. Keeping your metal roof safe from this type of damage entails inspecting this part of the roof at least once a year. If you notice discoloration or corrosion forming, you should immediately contact a metal roofing contractor so that they can inspect the damage and attempt to repair it before it can lead to large holes forming.

Clean The Roof With A Leaf Blower At The End Of Fall

The fall months can result in a large number of leafs gathering on your roof. While this might not seem like it would be a serious issue, these leaves can trap moisture against the metal roof, and they may also act as insulation to help prevent ice from melting. This can severely damage your roof, but you can easily avoid this hazard by using a leaf blower to remove these substances from the roof.

Be Careful When Painting Near The Metal Roof

Every few years, it is probable that you will need to paint your home. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to make the mistake of using a spray system to apply exterior paint near the roof overhangs. This may seem like it would be a quick way to paint the exterior of the house, but it can easily allow paint to get on the metal roof. Sadly, this will result in permanent discolorations. You will want to make sure that paint near the roof is only applied with brushes. This may make painting your house take longer, but this will be a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits of preventing your roof from becoming discolored.

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