Think Your Roof Will Collapse From Snow And Ice? Know The Warning Signs

Ice and snow can do more harm to your house than simply cause your energy bills to rise. If you have an excessive amount of snow build up on your roof, it could cause a lot of damage. In a worse case scenario, the roof could even collapse due to all the weight that the ice and snow added. If you know what can cause a roof to potentially collapse, you can prevent this disaster from happening to you. Here are some prevention tips and warning signs.

Warning Signs

A roof has a potential to collapse when it has more weight on it than it is designed to hold. If your home's roof is in danger, there are a few warning signs that will make it obvious.

For starters, you'll notice that your roof will be sagging in specific places, or maybe a leak when it rains. Other warning signs include bends or deformities in the framing of your roof, which can be observed from the attic. You may notice that windows and door are sticking, with them being hard to open. There could be cracks in the exterior masonry, or utility pipes running up the home that have become bent.

When you see these warning signs, it's important to have a local roofing contractor inspect the damage. They are the ones that are qualified to tell you if you need a simple repair, or if the whole roof needs replacement because the damage is irreversible. Thankfully, when problems are caught early enough, the problem can be prevented from becoming much worse.


You must take preventative steps in the winter, because that is when your roof sees the most weight from ice and snow. Just make sure that the weather is clear, because safety is always important when working with your roof.

You should avoid going up on a roof during the winter whenever possible. For snow buildup, you can use a roof rake to pull down all of the snow that collected on it. This will cause it to come crashing to the ground, so make sure a path is cleared for the snow.

Also, clean out your gutters once fall is finished. If gutters are clogged with leaves, water can't run off the roof from melted snow. You could get ice dams that cause damage to the roof deck. Insulating your attic well will also reduce hot spots, which cause snow on the roof to melt and eventually freeze again, which causes ice buildup.

For more prevention tips, speak to a local roofing contractor.