2 Reasons To Utilize Slate When Replacing Your Roof

Replacing your existing roof can be a daunting task, usually because it can be very difficult to narrow down the choices due to the huge number of options that are available. However, one of the most beneficial options that you can go with is slate. Listed below are two reasons to replace your roof with a slate option.

Can Resist Damage

One of the biggest benefits provided by a slate roof is the fact that it is able to resist so many different types of damage. In fact, a slate roof is able to stand up to many of the types of damage out there that are responsible for destroying or degrading most traditional roofing options. For example, a slate roof is not going to have any problem standing up to beetles or termites that like to nest in wooden or other organic roofing materials, mostly because those insects cannot feed on slate or dig into the slate itself.

Another major type of damage that slate has no problem dealing with is fire. Since slate is not flammable, you do not have to worry about a fire starting if a spark or burning ember from a fire in your neighborhood or a wildfire lands on your roof, mostly because there is no fuel that the ember can use to start a fire. This means that your house has a better chance of surviving a fire in your area since many fires tend to spread via the rooftops of homes.

Can Last For Decades

Another major reason to consider replacing your existing roof with a slate one is the fact that slate roofs can last for decades, if not longer. This means that once you build your roof out of slate, you most likely won't have to worry about replacing the roof during your lifetime or during the portion of your life that you spend in that particular home.

Now, the lifespan of a slate roof is going to vary a lot depending on what part of the country the slate came from. For example, sea green slate that comes from Vermont has an average life expectancy of 150 years, while red slate from New York can last up to 200 years.

Contact a roofing contractor from a company like Select Exteriors today to discuss the merits of a slate roof and to determine if it would be a suitable fit for your home and needs. A slate roof can resist damage and last for decades.