Using Your Home’s Architecture To Select The Right Siding

Homeowners know that the way their home looks can have a significant effect on its overall value. The siding that you opt to use on your home's exterior not only serves to protect the basic structure of your home from the elements, it can also add style to your home. Selecting the wrong type of siding can be like wearing a bad outfit- it will detract from the natural beauty of your home.

Relying on your home's architectural features can be beneficial in helping you narrow your siding options.

Best Options For Traditional Homes

If your home features a traditional design (like a Colonial or Cape Cod facade), then you want to keep the siding that you install on your home's exterior simple. Since traditional homes typically have a more boxy shape, siding materials that mirror the sharp angles in the home's architecture are advised.

If you want to emphasize the height of your home, then you want to select a vertical siding product like board and batten. If your goal is to place emphasis on the symmetrical design of your traditional home, then horizontal lap siding is your best option.

Best Option For Craftsman Homes

Craftsman-style homes were designed with simplicity in mind. These homes typically feature clean lines that are supposed to allow the home to become one with the landscape on which it sits.

To ensure that the siding you install on a Craftsman home doesn't conflict with the original purpose of the architectural style, you should select a siding product with a natural feel. Shingle siding (which can be made from vinyl, fiber cement, or wood) help your Craftsman home mirror the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Best Option For Contemporary Homes

If your home boasts a sleek and modern design aesthetic, its architectural style is most likely classified as Contemporary. Contemporary homes are characterized by their use of industrial materials and bold geometric designs.

If you are looking for a siding product that will complement a Contemporary design, then fiber cement panels may be your best option. These panels come in large sheets that join together to create shadow lines where the panels meet. Since each panel is much larger than a typical piece of siding, fiber cement sheets allow you to create the uniform, flat surface that will add to the beauty of your Contemporary home.

Taking your home's architectural features into consideration as you select a new siding will ensure you purchase the product best suited to complement the unique style of your home.