The Potential Issues With Installing Solar Panels On A Roof

Many homeowners are deciding to add solar power to their homes, either as a way to be more environmentally friendly in their daily life or to save money over the years. However, performing a rooftop installation of solar panels may not go as smoothly as you envision. Here are a few potential issues with installing those solar panels.


When selecting the roofing material for your home, you have a lot of control when it comes to the color and style of the materials, so it looks good on your home. However, solar panels will definitely alter your home's overall looks. It's possible that you'll feel that the solar panels have made your home look bad and ruined its curb appeal. This may even be a problem if you live in an HOA that has strict rules on home aesthetics.

You can solve the problem in a few ways. Start by seeing if the panels can be installed on a rear part of your home, making them not visible from the main road. You could also look into paying a premium price for a better looking solar panel that won't be such an eyesore. Do not assume that there is just one type of solar panel out there for your home.

Roof Damage

Whenever you install something on your roof, even something as small as a satellite dish, there is a possibility that the roof will become damaged in the process. Installing things on top of a roof will cause problems with how water flows off the surface and create places where the roofing material has been punctured. If not sealed properly, this can cause water to leak into the home.

Consider having a roofing contractor install your solar panels so that you get a professional installation into your home's roof. It is the best way to ensure that the installation was done properly and you won't run into problems later.

Roof Maintenance

Be aware that solar panels can cause complications when you need roof maintenance. Having a roofing contractor work around solar panels can make a roof repair more labor intensive. If the solar panels need to be removed for roof maintenance, know that there is always a possibility that the panels become damaged during the removal process.

Make sure you have your roof inspected before moving forward with a solar panel installation. This will help ensure it is free of any problems that will cause the need to remove the panels down the road. For more information, contact your local roofing contractors.