Tips For Safely Accessing Your Home’s Roof To Clean The Rain Gutters

If you do not want to stand on a ladder to clean out your home's clogged rain gutters, then you can easily clean them from up on top of your roof. If you have never climbed up and walked around on a roof, then these tips will help you access and clean your rain gutters safely.

Tip: Buy a Safety Harness and Tie-Off Bracket

The only safe way to walk around on your home's roof is wearing a safety harness that is tied off to an attachment bracket. You can purchase both items at your local home improvement center.

The tie-off bracket needs to be attached to a beam or stud located along your roof's ridgeline. The bracket should be attached using roofing spikes designed for this application.

Attach your safety harness's safety line to the bracket and ensure you only have enough line to reach each of the rain gutters but not too much slack that would allow you to accidentally fall off of the edge of the roof.

Since you will need to clean out your rain gutters again in the future, you can leave the bracket attached to your roof. However, before using it again, make sure you test its integrity and make sure that it is still well attached and safe for use.

Tip: Have Someone Spot You and Hold Your Ladder

It is never safe to access your home's roof when you are home alone. You should always have a spotter who can help hold your ladder and act as a safety person in case something goes horribly wrong.

Tip: Check and Clean Your Ladder Well Before Using It

Before you climb up the ladder, make sure you thoroughly check it for any damage. Your ladder should be free of dents and rust, and you should wipe down the rungs so residual dirt and dust don't make them slippery.

Tip: Be Very Mindful of Tripping Hazards on Your Roof – Including Your Own Safety Line

Finally, as you are walking around on your roof, you need to be very mindful of tripping hazards. Small vents, pipes, loose flashing, or even the safety rope tethering you to your roof can be a tripping hazard. To avoid tripping and potentially falling off of your roof, make sure you are always looking where you step and hold up your safety rope from the surface of the roof.

To learn more about metal roofing maintenance, talk with a professional in your area.