Getting A New Slate Roof Installed? Consider These 3 Things

Are you looking to get rid of your old roofing material and have slate installed in its place? If so, it is not as easy as calling a roofing contractor and scheduling the work to be done. There are a few considerations you must think about when you decide to get slate roofing material for your home.

The Weight

As much as you love the look of slate roofing material, you must realize that it can be very heavy once installed on your home. Even thin slate tiles have quite a bit of weight to them due to being made of natural stone, and as your roof gets larger, the more likely you are to have a complication with the material's weight.

Make sure that you have a discussion with your roofer about if your roof can support the additional weight of slate. If not, there will need to be some work done to create additional roof supports that can help support it all. You may also discover that your roof is perfectly fine, and should be able to handle the weight of slate without any issue.

The Type Of Stone

One option that you must pick from when selecting slate is if the stone is going to be cultured or natural. Natural slate is essentially taking the slate material when it is quarried and cutting it to the right size for roofing material. Cultured slate is made with actual slate material, but is combined with chips and slate dust to create a resin that looks like a more consistently colored piece of slate. The process allows the slate to also be dyed, so it can have the exact color that you want for the roofing material. When comparing the costs of the two materials, be aware that Natural stone is the more costly solution between the two types, since having the natural look is highly desired by homeowners.

The Alternatives

If you do not feel like you can afford a slate roof, know that there are alternative materials that you can go with that give a similar appearance. It can cause others to think that you have a slate roof when viewing your home from ground level, and they won't be able to tell otherwise because they can't get up close to the material.

Speak to your contractor about your roofing replacement options when it comes to having new roofing material placed on your home.