Important Reasons To Talk To A Contractor About A Roof Replacement Before Your Old Roof Develops Serious Problems

You may not be happy that your roof is at the end of its life, but getting a new roof before your old one wears out completely is important. You might think you have time, but it could be risky to delay. Here are important reasons to have a roof replacement done as soon as it's needed.

Mold From A Leaky Roof Could Affect Your Health

If you have a roof leak, you could also have a mold problem. The problem might not be obvious if you don't see mold growing anywhere, but if rain is getting down the inside of the walls, the inner walls could be moldy. When there's mold in your house, there are mold spores in the air you breathe.

If you or a family member have allergies, the spores could cause your symptoms to flare up. Some types of mold are associated with health problems, so you don't want mold of any kind growing in your house, especially due to a roof leak that could have been fixed to prevent mold growth.

Your Home Looks Neglected

When your roof is old, it looks worn out. A loss of granules, curled shingles, and damaged areas make your roof look ugly, and that affects the curb appeal of your property. If you're embarrassed by the way your roof looks, it's definitely time to have a roof replacement done so your home looks well cared for.

Your Roof Deck Could Collapse

Asphalt shingles rest on a plywood deck. If the shingles leak, the deck gets wet and can start to rot. Underlayment slows down this process somewhat since it's sandwiched between the shingles and plywood, but eventually the deck can be damaged by rain and rot.

When that happens, the deck of your roof gets spongy, and if the damage is severe enough, your roof could collapse. The situation is even more dangerous if you walk on your roof to inspect it. The plywood may not be able to hold your weight, and you could go crashing through the roof and land in your attic.

The Damage Could Get Worse

When your roof is old, leaks are a constant concern. You might just have one leak now, but more can develop quickly. At some point, you may have to pay to have water damage repaired, mold removed, and your roof rebuilt from the deck up just because you waited too long to have new shingles put on. That could cause your repair expenses to escalate beyond what a timely roof replacement would cost.