3 Potentially Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Roof

Maintaining your home requires a great deal of effort. From washing the exterior siding and outdoor living spaces to cleaning out the gutters, the various tasks required to ensure your home is clean and functional may seem overwhelming. The roof is one area of your home that requires a good amount of maintenance, as well. Unfortunately, it is not meant to last forever, even with ongoing cleaning and repairs. Considering that  it can cost you thousands of dollars to replace your roof, ensuring your roof is replaced in the best manner possible is imperative. Read More 

Tips For Safely Accessing Your Home’s Roof To Clean The Rain Gutters

If you do not want to stand on a ladder to clean out your home's clogged rain gutters, then you can easily clean them from up on top of your roof. If you have never climbed up and walked around on a roof, then these tips will help you access and clean your rain gutters safely. Tip: Buy a Safety Harness and Tie-Off Bracket The only safe way to walk around on your home's roof is wearing a safety harness that is tied off to an attachment bracket. Read More 

What To Know About Foundation Damage And Repairs

When the soil shifts under your house, it can cause damage to your foundation. The movement might cause cracks in the basement floor or walls. Excess water and shifting soil are two main causes of foundation problems. Water affects the soil by causing it to swell and then contract, and this can affect your foundation in the right circumstances. Here's a look at foundation problems and how they're repaired. Signs Of A Bad Foundation Read More 

The Potential Issues With Installing Solar Panels On A Roof

Many homeowners are deciding to add solar power to their homes, either as a way to be more environmentally friendly in their daily life or to save money over the years. However, performing a rooftop installation of solar panels may not go as smoothly as you envision. Here are a few potential issues with installing those solar panels. Aesthetics When selecting the roofing material for your home, you have a lot of control when it comes to the color and style of the materials, so it looks good on your home. Read More 

3 Spring And Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

Winter is notorious for causing roofing problems, thanks to things like ice dams or just a huge pileup of snow that can lead to a leak. That said, you shouldn't let your guard down as a homeowner when spring arrives. There are still a variety of maintenance tasks that you should keep up with if you want to keep your roof in solid condition all year round. Here are three areas of your roof that you should keep an eye on to ensure that no major problems develop. Read More