Getting New Shingles? That’s Not All You Need

If you know it's time to put a new roof on your home and you're having the company come to replace the shingles, that may not be the only service you want them to do. There are actually some other things that may be needed to help protect the roof, and to make sure that you're protecting your upgrade investment. Since the professional are already going to be on your property to do the shingle installation, ask the roofing contractor if you should get new roofing insulation, gutters, and if the chimney could be a potential problem. Read More 

Making Sure Your New Clay Roof Is The Last Roof You’ll Ever Purchase

A new terra cotta roof can protect a home for more than a century. To make sure you get that kind of life from your roof, there are a few regular maintenance tasks you can do. Here is how to make sure this is the last roof you'll ever need to put on your home. Keeping the Roof Clean Dirt and pollen can build up on the clay tiles creating a dull appearance. Read More 

What Qualities Make Cedar Such A Good Roofing Material?

At first, wood might not sound like the best material from which to make a roof. Most wood attracts insects, rots, and is susceptible to fires. Cedar, however, is not your average wood. It actually has some unique properties that make it an excellent roofing material. Cedar is unappealing to insects. Termites won't come near cedar. It contains potent oils that they just don't like. Cedar oil is so repelling to insects that it is actually extracted and marketed as a natural insect repellant. Read More 

How To Decide Whether To Remove Or Roof Over Shingles

The old shingles on your roof can either be removed or stay in place when you are re-roofing your home. Obviously, roofing over the shingles is going to be more time efficient and cost friendly. A re-roofing project may need to be done when your roof is suffering from some severe damage that cannot easily be repaired. In order to avoid leaks and other issues, you will want to re-roof your home. Read More 

How To Repair Damaged Gutter Seams

The seams of a gutter system are the most likely place for a leak or break to develop. This is because over time, general wear and tear and weather exposure will force the two gutters that are joined together to begin to sag apart. If this happens, water can leak out of your gutters and soak into your foundation and basement, where it can cause water damage and mold growth. Thankfully, if the seams of your gutters become damaged, you can easily and quickly fix them using a few simple tools. Read More