How To Repair Damaged Gutter Seams

The seams of a gutter system are the most likely place for a leak or break to develop. This is because over time, general wear and tear and weather exposure will force the two gutters that are joined together to begin to sag apart. If this happens, water can leak out of your gutters and soak into your foundation and basement, where it can cause water damage and mold growth. Thankfully, if the seams of your gutters become damaged, you can easily and quickly fix them using a few simple tools. Read More 

Three Ways You Can Inspect Roof Damage And Stay Safe On The Ground

With freak storms and unusual weather, your roof may take a toll. If other roofs in your area have been damaged, it is possible that your roof has been damaged. You will want to inspect this damage to ensure you do not need any repairs, but you will also want to be safe. You may just want to inspect an old roof. To ensure you stay safe while inspecting your roof, it is best to keep your feet on the ground and not climb on the roof. Read More 

Types Of Roof Vents

Roof vents are designed to facilitate the movement and exchange of air within your attic and the exterior of your home. They can be broadly categorized into intake and exhaust vents, which respectively draw air into and move air out of your home. Understanding the variety of different vents and what they have to offer can help you decide what type of vents to install in your roof (for further assistance, contact a local roofing contractor) to meet your home's needs. Read More 

Four Roof Repair Projects That You Can Do To Prevent Leaks Before Replacement

If you have an asphalt roof, it will eventually need to be replaced. This is something that you may want to hold off on, but leaks can be a problem. While you are waiting to do the replacement, you may want to do repairs to prevent damage to your home, such as patch damaged shingles and repair small holes from nails. Here are some roof repairs that you can do to protect your home until you are ready for a roof replacement: Read More 

3 Considerations When Choosing Roofing Materials For A Turret

A roof turret gives homes a castle vibe even when the home itself is modern in style. The turret also provides extra living space and natural light into the adjacent room or rooms. When a turret is flush with the rest of the roof, the same roofing material is often used throughout. But when a turret sticks up higher or apart from the rest of the roof, you have more leeway with choosing roofing materials from your roofing contractor. Read More