Greening Your Business: Tips For Starting With The Roof

When you are in charge of running and making decisions for a business, there are many different factors you need to consider on a daily basis as far as company practices and goals. If one of those goals is to become more eco-friendly and sustainable, every decision you make should at least take those goals into consideration. As such, if you are looking to update your commercial roof, with the help of a company like Griffin Bros. Read More 

Green Is More Than A Color Of Roofing

The color of your roofing can have an important impact on the cost of heating and cooling your home. For example, a white roof will reflect the sun's energy away from your home and reduce your cooling costs by up to 20%. Green roofing, otherwise called living roofing, can help you achieve much better savings.  What Is a Green Roof? A green roof involves fitting your home with a waterproof membrane. Read More 

Avoid Roof Problems By Performing These Three Maintenance Tips

You might not spend much time thinking about the condition of the roof that sits atop your home, but the last thing you want to do is overlook it to the point at which you're handed a major repair bill. Maintaining your roof is integral to taking care of your home; if the room isn't able to form a barrier against the elements, your attic and eventually even the upper floor of your home can suffer water damage that is expensive and time-consuming to clean up. Read More 

Benefits Of A Steel Roof Overlay

When you are replacing a roof, there are two options: you can either rip up and completely replace the roof in its entirety, or you can overlay the new roof over the old roof at a lower cost. Most of the time, replacement roofs are done with the same material as the previous roof. However, there is a unique set of benefits that come with overlaying a steel roof over an asphalt roof. Read More 

Make Your Home Unique: Alternatives To The Same Old Roofs

If it's time for a new roof, you have the perfect opportunity to create one of the most attractive homes in the neighborhood. While most people don't think of roofing materials as a vehicle for artistic expression, you don't need to limit yourself to the same old boring roof that everyone else has. Unless you live in a development that specifically limits the content or color of your roofing materials, you have an array of options that can make your home unique. Read More