Fixing Roof Problems Quickly

How To Choose Your Business’s Roof Color

The color of your business's roof should be determined both by functional benefits of a particular color and also by aesthetics. The process of choosing the right color can be time consuming, but if you take these factors into consideration, you will improve the profitability of your business. Consider The Impact Of The Roof Color On Your Brand First, think about the needs of your business. Is there a specific color that is associated with your brand? Read More 

Reasons For Using Slate For Your Roofing

Because many roofs are not highly visible from the street, you might wonder why you should see your roofing as anything more than a functional coating for the roof of your home. Asphalt shingles are a utilitarian roofing material, which will do little to nothing to dress up the look of your home. Buying a beautiful roofing material such as slate will not only dress up your home, but it can also help to decrease your maintenance and repair costs. Read More 

Four Reasons Why Metal Roofs Are All The Rage

If you take a drive around your town or city and look closely at the roofs, you're sure to notice a few metal roofs. Metal roofing is quickly gaining popularity in North America, and for good reason. Here's a look at four reasons why metal roofing is becoming all the rage – and why you may want to consider jumping on the bandwagon when it's time to replace your own roof. Read More 

Getting New Shingles? That’s Not All You Need

If you know it's time to put a new roof on your home and you're having the company come to replace the shingles, that may not be the only service you want them to do. There are actually some other things that may be needed to help protect the roof, and to make sure that you're protecting your upgrade investment. Since the professional are already going to be on your property to do the shingle installation, ask the roofing contractor if you should get new roofing insulation, gutters, and if the chimney could be a potential problem. Read More 

Making Sure Your New Clay Roof Is The Last Roof You’ll Ever Purchase

A new terra cotta roof can protect a home for more than a century. To make sure you get that kind of life from your roof, there are a few regular maintenance tasks you can do. Here is how to make sure this is the last roof you'll ever need to put on your home. Keeping the Roof Clean Dirt and pollen can build up on the clay tiles creating a dull appearance. Read More